BB&S presenting NEW PRODUCTS at IBC 2018

Come on and let us thrill you!

Straight out of our R/D workshop we bring our new specimen of luminaires to….

IBC 2018, RAI Amsterdam September 14th-18th  

Hall 12 Booth B42

Some of the new specimen of luminaires we´ll keep under our belt until the trade show begins. However, we´ll let you dwell over one of them right here and now…!

The BB&S Compact Beamlight 1

We at BB&S have over time received requests for a high-performance downlight LED fixture efficient in the range of 10 to 30 meters producing a minimum of stray light, spill light and glare. To solve these kinds of challenges we have developed The BB&S CBL 1 Compact Beamlight 

The versatility of The BB&S CBL 1 Compact Beamlight has already shown its worth in areas like theatre and architectural construction.

Concert halls, auditoriums, corporate studios, broadcast studios, sports centres, worships and department stores are obviously within the category range of the BB&S CBL 1 Compact Beamlight.

The BB&S Compact Beamlight – Tech. Talk.

  • Maximum power consumption is 40 watts and 4.000 lumen output.
  • 16-bit flicker-free dimming from 100% to 0.
  • CRI 98.
  • Colour temperatures 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5600K.
  • Beam angles 7.3o, 10.7o, 13.1and 16.7.
  • Built-in DMX 512 RDM (8-bit or 16-bit DMX).
  • Weight 1,5kg.
  • Dimensions L 165mm, Dia. 120mm .
In-depth datasheets are available at our booth in  Hall 12 Booth B42.



Lighting design by Peter Plesner and Brian Njie at Østre Gasværk Theatre in Copenhagen. 514 pcs. of BB&S Compact Beamlight 1 –  386 straight downlights – 128 lights enhancing architectural details accentuating pillars and the structure of the architectural building