Area 48 scores high in test

‘Brother & Sons has made an admirably simple and simultaneously robust LED Soft light that provides a very nice soft light of high quality.’

Finn Nesgaard, editor-in-chief of the acknowledged Danish magazine AVM, covering video and broadcast techniques, has only good things to say about the Area 48 Soft after he tested it in November.


Among other things Finn Nesgaard says: “It has really been a pleasure testing the Area 48 Soft and the four remote phosporized diffusers. The diffusers were equipped with labels, that listed Kelvin temperature and CRI.

The unit was supplied with 2 low CRI medias and 2 high CRI medias And eventhough the luminous output was appr. 20% higher with the low CRI remote phosphors the quality of light was significantly better using the higher CRI remote Phosphor medias.

Supreme measurement results

Finn Nesgaard is very impressed by the test results: “We tested Area 48 at the highest luminous intensity and at a very reduced brightness and the color quality were largely unchanged, no matter how much turned up and down the LEDs behind fluorescence diffusers.”

80 percent lower power consumption than the reference softlight

About the low power consumption Finn Nesgaard says: “There are many good reasons to invest in LED lights instead of the old lamps. One of the most important is the power consumption. And also in this field the Area 48 is remarkable,” and Finn Nesgaard continues

“We measured the power consumption to around 100 watts at full brightness which means that you get up to 15 lux per watt by measuring five feet from the diffuser.

For comparison you get less than two lux per watt with the softlight we used as refererence, namely a Berkey Color Transparency soft light equipped with a 800 watt halogen bulb’. In other words: Area 48 is also a succes when it comes to power consumption, “ Finn Nesgaard concludes.