BB&S and the light source units


Lots  of people have been asking us lately how and why we came up with the idea of developing the LED light source units that has been mounted on a countless number of spots around the world.
So here’ s the story …

Since the foundation of Brother, Brother & Sons in 1999 the development of low energy lighting solutions has been a matter of great importance – but we´ve always searched a solution that should not in any way compromise on quality. Therefore the development of light engine back parts has been long in the pipeline.

The concept of recycling old luminaires by replacing the tungsten part with new low-powered LED light engines was born already in 1999 where we developed our first source four LED retrofit – still awaiting the LED technology to match our ideas. Actually we developed prototype already in 1999 and kept on waiting …

The developement of EvenLED


In 2006 we started working with the developing the EvenLED for Martin Entertainment using the LED technology (EvenLED is known worldwide as a remarkable and award winning high-powered modular system of RGB LED panels used to back-project a completely uniform field of light behind a cyclorama).

Launching the ALEDin fixture for the Juliat 600 SX Series

Still working on our retrofit idea we could finally launch the ALEDin fixture using proprietary LED technology for the Juliat 600 SX Series of condenser zoom profiles.

ALEDin was awarded and acknowledged as the most versatile, cost-effective and safe fixture on the market at that time. It has recently been replaced by ALEDin 2 as a sequel with no less than twice the output of its predecessor. ALEDin 2 is developed by BB&S and distributed through our sales network since we from January 2012 expanded our activities to include manufacturing and worldwide distribution of our own products.


So why?

All the advantages of LED lighting solutions are well known. But why focus specifically on LED light source units?
In short terms: we could not think of a reason NOT doing it …

  • As a worldwide developer and manufacturer of high-end technology Brother, Brother & Sons consider it our duty to lead the use of green technology by example.
  • Television studies, theatres etc. have invested millions of dollars on tungsten lamps with luminaires that are built to last 10 or maybe even 15 years. By exchanging the old power-consuming tungsten part of the lamps the companies in the entertainment industry can contribute to sustainability not only by using LED technology but also in recycling the old luminaires.
  • The fact that designers and technicians are used to operate the old spots makes it easier (and cheaper) for studios and other companies to implement a low energy lighting solution.
  • As nothing changes except for the light source,  users will be able to concentrate on the main subject: light designing and performing
  • The money and the ROI! An example: Last year, the BBC carried out a quantitative energy analysis  on its production lighting over a representative set
 of TV studios. This analysis indicated that there is a potential to save between 30% and 50% of production energy lighting costs, as well as reducing CO2 emissions. (*BBC: Low Energy Lighting Guide for TV Productions September 2011).
  • LED lights consume as little as 10% of the energy used by tungsten and they last 150 times longer. By changing equipment, initial costs will be made up or become even lower over time in reduced energy and lamp replacement costs.

Besides using clean technology our contribution to the above is to make the quality of LED lights ensure that all the users specific requirements for high standards of quality are being met.
As former power users with a long-standing hands-on experience in lighting design BB&S will never stop searching for faster, better and cleaner technologies to offer our quality-conscious customers.

Check out the latest member of the BB&S light source family: Force V