BB&S supports LIGHT&GRIP in Hamburg

It doesn’t happen often, but when it happens, its perfect to be part of it.
It happened February 14, 2015 in Hamburg.

Dennis Kampling from cast Germany and Brother Gerald Heise

A new place to come, see, listen and enjoy opened for film professionals in Germany.
Atelier 3 of Studio Hamburg hosted various display of manufacturers and organisations of the film market and even in spite of a sunny Saturday outside, quite a number of professionals enjoyed the interesting all-day-long seminars and the friendly and communicative atmosphere of this event.
Brother Gerald Heise did surprisingly not talk about LED and technologies, but about controls instead:
’25 years of DMX 512’ and it simply works.’

Brother Gerald Heise

Something to remember for next year: LIGHT&GRIP.
Please stay informed by BVB (Bundesverband Beleuchtung & Bühne) and join the next event next year. We will be there too.
Mr. Dedo Weigert and Brother Gerald Heise did a joint seminar about LED lighting aspects

Lightequip CEO Gustav Schwaupa and Sales Director Andreas Sauer

By the way: maybe you are looking for detailed product information and you’re searching for details?
Please have a look at the Equipment Data Base. Its really nice value for no money. Where ? Here is the link:

Organisers: BVB