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August 28, 2012:

New innovative LED soft light from Brother, Brother & Sons

The Danish lighting company Brother, Brother & Sons, who previously developed the Plasa Award-­-winning Aledin, are bringing a new LED soft light onto the market. ‘Area 48 Soft’ will be presented at IBC in Amsterdam on 7-­-11 September, where the company will also be celebrating its first anniversary as a worldwide manufacturer.

‘Area 48 Soft’ is characterized by unprecedented light quality and a compact size, with the surface area of a sheet of A4 paper.

Forty-­-eight blue diodes behind a remote polycarbonate phosporized diffuser ensure an undivided smooth surface that provides a very even light and an exceptionally soft shadow – a feature highly appreciated by lighting designers, photographers and studio owners.

The A4-­-sized phosphorized polycarbonate diffusers are interchangeable,

come in a variety of colour temperatures, including 3,200 Kelvin (warm white) 5,600 Kelvin (cold white).
CRI > 98 in 3200 K and CRI > 94 in 5600 K.

High hopes for Area 48 Soft

‘Area 48 Soft’ is specifically designed to meet the high standards of TV, film and photographic studios, who demand modern, energy-­-saving LED equipment of high quality and long durability.

“We have very high expectations towards this small soft light,” comments Peter Plesner, developer and CEO of Brother, Brother & Sons, who expects that in the longer term, high-­-end LED soft lights like ‘Area 48 Soft’ will completely replace fluorescent lighting systems, which have much higher power consumption and shorter lifespans.

“LED has certainly proven itself to be the lighting technology of the future, including for professional use. Both new broadcast studios and older ones that need to replace their equipment will probably prefer a complete LED solution with high-­-quality products. With up to 90% savings on power bills, cooler working conditions for employees, and, last but not least, absolutely no compromise on quality, LED technology is the obvious choice.”

BB&S now provides an overall high-­end LED solution

The launch of Area 48 Soft means that Brother, Brother & Sons can meet the wishes of broadcast studios and others for a total solution that includes LED retro-­-fit kits such as Force V (profile), Ledonardo and Ledina (fresnels), and from now on, the new ‘Area 48 Soft’ soft light.

Brother, Brother & Sons are at present negotiating with several international television channels to provide total LED solutions.

‘Area 48 Soft’ and other LED products from BB&S will be presented at IBC in Amsterdam on 7-­-11 September. You can visit us in Hall 11 at booth D41. We are very much looking forward to introducing you to this new superior soft light.


March 14, 2012:

’Force V from Brother, Brother & Sons sets new standards for white light LED’