Frankfurt 2012: Introducing Force V


At Brother, Brother & Sons we are as busy as ever getting ready for Frankfurt Prolight and Sound 21-24 March.
Luckily all our LED lamps are in the peak of their powers and we have great expectations for the trade.

We will exhibit Aledin, Aledin 2, Ledonardo 1, Ledonardo 2 and Ledheimer that has already proven solid reliability in the market,and then of course newest member of the family, Force V.

Check out Force V  – the most powerful LED “FORCE” ever

The Force V has been defined and developed on request by users as a complete LED Light Engine back part for third part optics, the specifications were simple but challenging:
Users must be able to change from tungsten to LED in a minute

  • The light quality should be white light LED (tungsten or daylight) with a very even field outputting significant brightness, FORCE”.
  • Crisp gobo projection and straight beam shapers.
  • An extraordinary fast strobe was needed
  • Flicker free smoother than ever dimming.

Signed, sealed, developed – it’s yours!

And here we are – ready to go. This year we will be exhibiting with our German distributor, Cast C Adolph & RST Distribution in Location 9.0 E71
Hope to see you in Frankfurt for a demo, a talk, for better light – and of course: a beer.
And may the Force V be with you …

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