Gerald Heise reports from Seminar LichtGestalten

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Seminar LichtGestalten at Casino Hohensyburg Germany organised by our Sales Partner

Cast C.Adolph & RST Distribution GmbH in Germany receives extremely positive likes for its
Networking Event LICHTGESTALTEN held October 22, 2014 at the big ball room of Casino
Hohensyburg in Dortmund.

Playing with words is always fun and so is it with the word LICHTGESTALTEN:
LICHTGESTALTEN are the key players of the lighting industry, mostly designers,
but also manufacturers and developer … and…
LICHTGESTALTEN is a verb describing to work and design with light.

Networking is key, bringing designer, project rentals and developer together to talk, meet and listen.
‘Its not important to talk technical all the time.

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Creating ideas, listen to projects, understand, respect and share information is what is liked.
We love this way of communication and highly appreciated that it had been possible being part of
this event. Can there be more of them, says Brother Gerald Heise who spoke about trends and terms of
LED lighting fixtures today and in the future.

More than 120 guests arrived before 10am and left not before the delicious evening food of german
barbecue Champion Axel Kähne had been examined and called SUPERB.

In between all guests enjoyed latest infos from ROSCO by Mrs. Elke Kemper and production pre-planning
tips by Michael Kühbandner from einstein&sons.

Joost van Eenbergen spoke about ELC and GreenGo.

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An absolute highlight were speakers Stefan Aue and Ollie Olma. Both are highly respected designers
and enjoyed everyone with perfectly entertaining informations about their lately productions, i.e.
Silbermond or Jeanette Biedermann on tour.

Ollie said: ‘Fewer lights are good for better results’. Thats a really interesting approach and it
called many guests to have an ongoing discussion about it.

Yes, it has been the first event of this kind organised by cast and it has been confirmed already
that there will be a next one.

Ok. Lets see. Lets stay in touch until then. In case you may have a technical question please get
back to us.

We love to communicate.

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