Great success at Prolight + Sound


With a record attendance of 2.388 exhibitors and 110.000 visitors from 55 countries, the recent Prolight + Sound trade fair in Frankfurt was a real smash hit. For Brother, Brother & Sons it was also our European ‘trade debut’ as a manufacturer. And we are proud to say that the interest in our products was overwhelming.

The main focus of attention was on our newest member of the family ‘Force V’. Visitors were able to get a ‘hands-on’ experience and learn the unequaled possibilities and quality of this brand new LED Light Engine back part. Users were especially excited about the significant output, the very flat field and the optical quality.

Visitors impressed by Force V features

The visitors on our Geman distributor Cast C.ADOLPH & RST DISTRIBUTION’s booth where BBS had a stand were also impressed by the excellent beam shaper rendering and crisp Gobo projection from sharp to blurred all in all features that are of ultimate importance for lighting designers.


Our German and Swiss ditributors from Cast: Heinz Siller and Silvio Cibien with Peter Plesner and Henrik Christensen from BB&S
Small, handy and strong – that’s the Ledheimer

In Frankfurt we also showcased the Ledheimer, a small LED beam light for key/fill/backlighting. Due to its small size but still extremely high light output this LED unit is strikingly effective and profitable for use in e.g. exhibitions, museums, studios or on location.

Use your old familiar luminaires with new LED parts

Finally people were stunned by the fact that it is now possible to go for a green LED high-end solution by just replacing the tungsten part with the LED part and reusing the old  luminaires. A solution that notably does not in any way compromise on quality.

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