Introducing at NAB: Area48 SOFT and LEDina


At Brother, Brother & Sons we are excited to share two brand new products with you, so we would like to invite you to a sneak peek at NAB, Las Vegas, April 16 – 19 at the BB&S/Illomitech booth C11 847.

The Area48 –SOFT

The Area48 –SOFT is a very powerful soft light with interchangeable colour temperatures and CRI.
The interchangeable “diffuser” in front of the Area48 illuminates as a large surface normally preferred in soft lights. The diffuser is a 2 mm polycarbonate and phosphor combination that comes in a variety of color temperatures (Kelvin) and CRI as high as 95.
The AREA48 will go from e.g. 3200 Kelvin to 5600 Kelvin as fast as you can change a filter.

The concept will evolve over time and include lots of accessories, and the Area 48 will be available in a basis configuration that can be up- or downgraded to three different versions

At this sneak peek, we will present two models:

  • The AREA 48 Soft “Studio” DMX 512 controlled
  • AREA 48 Soft “Field” V-lock battery power and manual dimmer

The Ledina LED light engine kit for Arri ST1 fresnels

Historically BB&S has developed light engines for a variety of products over the last 2 years: The award winning Aledin, Aledin2, Ledonardo 1 & 2 and the Force V. Luminaires that are in use in a variety of studios, rentals, exhibitons etc. all over the world. As a new member of this family we now introduce the ‘Ledina light engine kit for Arri ST1 fresnels’.
Adding the famous BB&S LED technology to this optically very good Arri fresnel actually delivers stunning results.
The Ledina ST 3200 and the Ledina ST 5600 will ship in 2 color temperatures 3200 Kelvin and 5600 Kelvin.

So please come by booth C11 847 and let us have your user inputs and opinions on the two new members of the BB&S family.


Ledina starts shipping: July 20, 2012
Area 48 starts shipping early fall, 2012