K7 goes to Moesgaard Museum

K7 – an experienced newcommer.

moesgaard-museum-night_small Ophavsret beskyttet billede, Jacob Due, Foto/medie afdelingen Moesgaard.
Photos by: Photo/mediadepartment – Moesgaard Museum

We recently introduced the K7 internationally, but in Denmark it already has a growing reputation.

The New Moesgaard Museum, a museum dedicated to archaeology and ethnography, opened the doors in October 2014 to the public after finishing their new exhibition building.

Head of exhibition design, Ole Birch and lightdesigners Henrik Vierø and Nikolaj Birkelund used K7’s and Force-V’s to light the museum.

SpektraLED supplied the approximately 1000 K7s and 115 Force-V’s that were installed.

The Force-V’s were implemented in the foyer ceiling and the K7’s take care of the exhibition displays.
01_IMG_1392 02_IMG_1394
The items on display raises some concerns regarding the environment. As temperature and light are among the factors that can cause the displayed items to deteriorate, LEDs become an obvious choice.

The British Library recommends to keep temperature below 22°C/72°F, the light output below 100 lux and avoid wavelenghts below 400nm to avoid damaging UV radiation.
The energy efficiency of the LEDs creates less heat and more light per watt than other conventional sources. Furthermore the LEDs used in the K7s do not emit light at wavelengths below 450nm.

The light design at the New Moesgaard Museum mostly creates a very stylish and intimate atmosphere.
04_IMG_1423 03_IMG_1398
A lot of different solutions to the mounting of the K7’s were used to accommodate the right lighting for every display.

Job well done. We’re proud to be part of the experience at Moesgaard.

07_IMG_1436 08_IMG_1450

05_IMG_1430 09_IMG_1382

Check it out when in Aarhus.

Moesgaard Museum
Henrik Vierø @ Image and Light
Nikolaj Birkelund @ Fortheloveoflight
Henning Larsen Architects