Ledonardo on tour with Danish singer-songwriter Lukas Graham


The story about the only 24 year-old Danish singer-songwriter, Lukas Graham, seems to be an endless story of success. Since his first album release in spring 2012 he earned double platinum honour, was nominated in seven categories at Danish Grammy 2012 and played for more than 40.000 people in Denmark.

At Brother, Brother & Sons we are very pleased with the fact that the acknowledged Danish LD, Kasper Christiansen, chose our Ledonardo fresnels for the Lukas Graham tour.

‘I have been very pleased LEDonardo fresnels on my tour with Graham,’ comments Kasper Christiansen. ’They are very powerful and provides a smooth light in a lovely color temperature that gives the artists a nice face glow’, Kasper Christiansen continues.

The Danish LD is also very satisfied with the Ledonardos smooth color temperature , the extremely fast strobe and the fact that there is no afterburn.
‘Finally it is a great pleasure to be able to supply all FOH with only 1 pc. 220V 16A.’, Kasper Christensen concludes.

If you dont know Lukas Graham you should definately watch his new video for his hit record ‘Drunk in the morning’,  that has just been released in Germany.