Light engine V8: a green revolution for colored light

On May 8, 2012, Brother, Brother & Sons hosted the kick-off of a very exciting and promising research project, ‘Light engine V8’.

In collaboration with DTU Photonics, Denmark, we have been given green light from The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation for a new three year research project. Based on the entertainment industry’s extreme quality standards the two parties has teamed up to develop a new LED light source that can revolutionize the use of white and colored light.

The challenge and the research in short

BB&S has been developing LED lighting since 1999 and until now the big challenge has always been to achieve a light quality that matches the known and already applied technologies, primarily in relation to light quality and intensity. BB&S has succeeded in doing this for white light but the development does not stop here.

Together with DTU Photonics, BB&S aims to create a point like light source that covers the full spectrum allowing for deep rich colors as well as a tungsten comparable white with a CRI better than 95 and an output that shall outperform that of a 1000W Halogen bulb.

The project will be run by Peter B. Poulsen from DTU closely together with Thomas Brockmann of BB&S.

The research project has a full research budget on 2,4 million $ and has been partly supported by a generous donation on 1,2 million $ from The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation.


The Light Engine V8 team:

Left to right back row: Henrik Chresten Pedersen (Senior Researcher , DTU Photonics), Steen Grüner Hanson (Professor, DTU Photonics), Peter Behrensdorff Poulsen (Project Manager, DTU Photonics), Ole Bjarlin Jensen (Senior Researcher, DTU Photonics), P. S. Ramanujam (Professor, DTU Photonics), Peter Plesner (CEO, Brother, Brother & Sons), Christian Poulsen (VP of R&D management, BB&S), Henrik Christensen (R&D Project manager, BB&S)

Left to right front row: Thomas Brockmann (Founder & Project Manager V8, BB&S), Jan Bryld (Graphics & UI, BB&S), Mette Hviid Brockmann (External Consultant, Hviid Projects), Casper Binow Hansen (Project Manager,  The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation), Claus Jespersen (Design and construction manager, BB&S), Carsten Dam-Hansen (Senior researcher, DTU Photonics)