Pipeline System 4 Way Controller


Control unit for Pipeline System RAW

Pipeline System 4 Way Controller that gives you full control over your Pipeline System Raw pipes.
You can connect up to four Pipeline Raw fixtures of any standard lenght; 1, 2, 3 or 4 feet.
It combines the flexibility of the Pipeline Raw with the intelligence of the Pipeline 4 Bank, giving you control over:

– DMX Address – DMX 512
– Control modes that gives you a choice of individual control of the pipes or all as one in High or Low Res.
– Color Tweaking when using a equal mix of 3200K and 5600K pipes
– Fast and Slow response
– Linear or Square curves
– Strobe controls include, random to synced and flash duration.

With the simple setup procedure you can have your system up and running faster than you can say
“Brother, Brother & Sons’ Pipeline System 4 Way Controller 48 Volt PSU IEC power cable”

1. Mount your pipes
2. Power up your 4 Way Controller and set the desired pipe length for each output.
3. Connect the Raw pipe cables to the 4 Way Controller
4. Add a DMX address and DMX cable for DMX control or set your levels manually.

It’s as easy as me on a friday night….. and more fun.

Pipeline 4 Way Controller:
AC Power: 100 – 240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz
Never connect to dimmer power
Powersupply: Electronic switchmode
This fixture must be connected to ground.
48 Volt
PSU IN Pin assignment: Pin 1: GND / PIN 4: +
Controlbox: 0.69 kg / 1.52 lbs
Max: 144W
Pipeline Raw pin assignment:
Pin 2: Red +
Pin 1: Blue GND
Maximum ambient temperature – t.Amb: 40° C / 104° F
Specifications subject to change without notice. For the latest specifications see
This product uses a 5-pin XLR for dmx input and output.
Use shielded data cables.
Do not overload the daisy chain. Up to a maximum of 32 devices can be used on a single dmx chain.
Protocol: USITT DMX512-A

Download manual