Area 48 Soft

Area48soft_Front_Brother, Brother & Sons

The new compact high-end Soft Light

The new A4 sized new Soft Light has an interchangeable phosporized polycarbonate diffuser and comes in a variety of color temperatures including 5600 K and 3200 K.



Area 48 Soft



The light art of lighting

The Flyer

Welcome to the new light art of lighting fixtures
fully tailored towards FILM professionals
and ENG videographers


Force V Vero

Forcev_front_Brother_Brother_ Sons
Creative force

The Force V Vero is a complete LED Light Engine back part including yoke made for 3rd. part optics.

Force V Vero is available in two colour temperatures comparable to

  • tungsten 3200 Kelvin
  • discharge 5600 Kelvin

Users defined the demands. Simple but challenging. Check it out!

Force V



Software uploader


BB&S software uploader is the tool you need for uploading software to your BB&S products.

Its a straight forward box with a USB plug for uploading the software to the Software Uploader
and a DMX output for uploading the software to the product.

Once the software has been uploaded to the Software Uploader it works as a standalone uploader.

BB&S software uploader