Area 48 Soft

Area48soft_Front_Brother, Brother & Sons

The new compact high-end Soft Light

The new A4 sized new Soft Light has an interchangeable phosporized polycarbonate diffuser and comes in a variety of color temperatures including 5600 K and 3200 K.



Area 48 Soft


Brother, Brother & Sons: Ledina_Front_w_label_

LED light engine for Arri ST1 fresnels

The Aledin-AR LED light engine is a new powerful retrofit from BB&S designed for mounting on Arri ST 1. It gives a stunning performance by up to 80 degree flood and a very smooth output.




The light art of lighting

The Flyer

Welcome to the new light art of lighting fixtures
fully tailored towards FILM professionals
and ENG videographers


Force V Vero

Forcev_front_Brother_Brother_ Sons
Creative force

The Force V Vero is a complete LED Light Engine back part including yoke made for 3rd. part optics.

Force V Vero is available in two colour temperatures comparable to

  • tungsten 3200 Kelvin
  • discharge 5600 Kelvin

Users defined the demands. Simple but challenging. Check it out!

Force V


Aledin 2

Double power!

The Aledin 2 is the successor for the undefeated proprietary ‘Aledin’ which was developed in 2009/10 by Brother, Brother & Sons for Robert Juliat 600 SX range of zoom profile spots and rewarded with the Plasa Award 2010.

Please note: Aledin 2 is Available only through Brother, Brother & Sons distribution network.
or our distributors.

Aledin 2




Compact brilliance

An LED cinepar made for key-, fill- and backlighting as well as general purpose lighting in exhibition and architectural situations where a powerful single source led light is needed.

You can clip several fixtures together into a variety of configurations using the pinball lock system and easily daisy chain power and control. Ledheimer is supplied with interchangeable quality aluminimum reflectors 17, 25 and 40 degree angles.


Ledonardo 1 + 2

Two powerful brothers

LED light engine for the De Sisti Leonardo 310/11 or 320/21 Fresnel

Once upon a time there was a De Sisti Fresnel called Leonardo. Some bright brothers from Denmark replaced the old power inefficient tungsten lamp with their proprietary LED technology.
They added a ‘D’ to the name – and the Ledonardo 1 was born. In 2011 the family was extended with the even stronger Ledonardo 2.

So what’s the difference? There is none – except for the output. Ledonardo 1 has an output equivalent of 800 watts tungsten. The Ledonardo 2 makes it up to 1000/1200. You would think the heat is on. Well, it’s not!


Ledonardo 1+2

Software uploader


BB&S software uploader is the tool you need for uploading software to your BB&S products.

Its a straight forward box with a USB plug for uploading the software to the Software Uploader
and a DMX output for uploading the software to the product.

Once the software has been uploaded to the Software Uploader it works as a standalone uploader.

BB&S software uploader