Aledin 2

The successor with double power

The Aledin 2 is the successor for the undefeated proprietary Aledin 1 which was developed in 2009/10 by Brother, Brother & Sons for the Juliat 600 series zoom spots. You can upgrade your tungsten Juliat spot to LED in two minutes.

Aledin 2 features:

  • From tungsten to LED in a minute
  • Crisp Gobo projection
  • Straight cuts with beam shapers due to even field
  • Super fast strobe speed and duration
  • Silent operation
  • Power saving long LED life
  • High reliability using BB&S proven technology
  • PowerCon in
  • DMX in/out for daisy-chaining
  • Extremely high light output
  • Very low power consumption
  • Excellent shadow rendering
  • Very compact versatile unit
  • Flicker-free dimming, can even be used for high speed video lighting
  • Totally smooth theatrical type dimming all the way to zero
  • Extremely long LED life – 50,000 hours with 70% lumen maintenance
  • Very little maintenance required over time
  • No more heavy dimmer racks
  • No more heavy cables
  • Internal dimmer controlled by DMX 512
  • Long filter life
  • Reduced CO2 emission = smaller carbon footprint for your business
Broadcast studios • Photo shoots • Film and video production • Theatres • Concerts
Museums • Churches • Science centres
Exhibitions • Trades • Fashion shows
Events • Venues • On location • Display lighting


POWER: Switch mode power supply, AC Power: 100 – 240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz. Max power consumption: 115 watts. Standby power: = 5,5 watts. Amps @ 230 volts = 0,5 Amps. Amps @ 115 volts = 1 Amps.

THERMAL: Ambient operating temperature: 0-40°C / 0-104°F. Ultra silent pulse fan assisting the large heatsink when needed.

High quality Cold Led array 5600 Kelvin. CRI min. 90
High quality Cold Led array 3200 Kelvin. CRI min. 90
70% Lumen maintenance over 50.000 hours

DMX in/out for daisy-chaining 8/16bit dimming 0-100%. Up to 4 control channels in 16 bit mode, selectable via digital display.

Aledin 2 is available as
Aledin 2 – Cat.No.3001
3200K CRI+90
Aledin 2 – Cat.No.3002
5600K CRI+90
Aledin 2 incorporates all the above and the proven technology, quality and durability that BB&S is known for worldwide.

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