Pipeline System


Performance and flexibilty
Brother, Brother & Sons now takes remote phosphor technology one step further with the first truly modular lighting system in an all-new, versatile form factor.
The Pipeline System™ provides soft light that is fully controllable and dimmable 
with no color shift or flickering, and an ultra-high TLCI rating 0f +95.

Enjoy the new BB&S generation of soft lights.

The new Pipeline System™ offers a convenient cylindrical form factor of only 1 inch (25mm) diameter. It comes both individually as flexible single pipes, and as powerful 2- or 4-banks:
Pipeline Raw:

  • installable single pipes (1, 2, 3 & 4 feet),
  • 2 Foot 2 Bank
  • 1 Foot 4 Bank

Pipeline Free: single pipes with manual inline dimmer (comes in 4 and 8 inches + 1, 2, 3 and 4 feet)
Pipeline 4-banks (not Raw): powerful light banks in a metal reflector housing (3 & 4 feet). dmx-controllable.

All pipes come in 3200, 4300 & 5600K – all with a TLCI of +98.