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We cannot take the credit for all of our clients and co-operators outstanding works

in the art and entertainment industry around the world, but since
Brother, Brother & Sons was established in 1999, we and our equipment,
have served a decent number of clients including a.o.:
Client_BBC                          Client_Canal_Plus

Client_CBC              Client_Cirque_du_Soleil

Client_CNN                       Client_COWI                       Client_CPH

Client_D8            Client_DKT            Client_DR

Client_Eurogress              Client_Fox-tv              Client_France_2              Client_i_tele

Client_ITV              Client_KoebenhavnsUniversitet              Client_MBC_4

Client_M6_TV           Client_MDR           Client_Mercedes-Benz           Client_NRK

21 Midnite Hour Productions          Client_Miele

Client_Oldenburgischen-Staatstheater          Client_Renault

        Client_Porsche            Client_RoskildeFestival            Client_Solotech

 Client_Sparkasse  Client_Time_warner

Client_TF1                Client_TimeWarnerSports                Client_TV2

Client_Universal            Client_Warner_Brothers            Client_Vega            Client_Whitelight            Client_YLE