RIGA 2013

“Not only is the color rendering of the Area 48 spot-on, but it’s powerful, lightweight, compact, and can run off a battery” said Todd Heater.
Since this being said in March 2013 Area 48 are the sparkling stars on almost any exhibition.
In November 2013 the brothers went to Riga in Latvia to introduce Area 48 to the markets of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.
RIGA PHOTO SHOW attracted film and photo professionals from the region, to enjoy time talking to manufacturers about latest product releases
and attending a highly interesting set of daily seminars.
“We had in mind to talk about LED Lighting Technologies for film and video professionals, showing Area 48 in full details,
explaining about the pros and cons, the spectrum and Remote Phosphor Technology.
It has been so much appreciated. It’s amazing. We had 70 persons signing up for the seminar.
They had so many questions. They tried, they tested and they liked it” says Gerald Heise, Area Sales Manager of BB&S.

It’s time for a warm THANK YOU for all who came to Riga, visited and talked to us.
We teamed up with Søren, Henrik and Jelena from Medietek, our Sales Partner for this region.
We promise to return soon to Riga soon, to do more demos and talk about your personal projects.
Please take good care till then.