Showreel: Hollywood Blockbusters lit by BB&S Lighting

Wanna know which Hollywood Movies BB&S Lighting has fixtures in?

Just watch this trailer to find out…



Here´s a full list of movies that use BB&S Lights for you as well:


Starwars – The last Jedi
Alien: Covenant (with 300 Area 48’s,  Pipelines and 40 Flyers)
Pirates of Caribbean – 2017
Independence Day 2
Stonewall: Markus Förderer
Folk Hero and Funny Guy: Nancy Schreiber, ASC
Pirates of the Carribean-2014
Gods of Egypt
Lala Land – Linus Sandgren
Pacific Rim 1
Pacific Rim 2-not released yet
Hacksaw Ridge
Kong- Skull Island
Aquaboy – Not released yet
The Nutcracker: Linus Sandgren- not out yet
Neil Armstrong: Linus Sandgren- not out yet
TED – Sweden
Björn Borg -Sweden
Battle Angel-Not released yet