Software v. 2.0.05 released for Area 48 and Force-V

New software has been released for the Area 48 and the Force-V

The changes includes new features for the Manual operation,
Special functions and Service. A few bugs have been squashed in the process.

Area 48 and Force-V Version 2.0.05 Changes from previous version :
Software Changes:

New Functions:
Reset: start up hotkey reset function added.
Added warning: if supply voltage is out of range, for advanced troubleshooting.
Power On Count
Internal service number
Indicators for Mode settings.
The indicators now follow the same order as the menu
The indicators now show if changes have been made to default settings.
Button response has been adjusted in an attempt to minimize “doubleclicking”
LED eeprom removed as an item from the menu.
Show version – The unit no longer shows software version at start up.
To show software version: Hold the DOWN button when switching the unit on.
Fixed Bugs:
– Strobe-Intensity Bug 1(and 2) fixed:
When switching the intensity off during strobe, the intensity would hang at either on or off
depending on the strobe.
This also caused the intensity not to respond to fade down and then up, while strobing.
Further more the intensity had no effect when strobing. All Fixed.
– Timer instability: Updated timer for Fixture On Count and Led On Count to avoid instability.
– Temp Bug: When temp sensor registered very low temperatures, these were registered as very high.
Temp warning when minus temperature is fixed, so it only shows the temperature.
Area 48 changes only:
DMX/Manual modes: When switching on unit without DMX signal present the unit goes to manual mode.
If DMX is present the unit will automatically go to DMX mode.
On/Off switch
When switching on the unit without DMX signal present (manual mode), the ENTER button functions as an On/Off switch
(Unless DMX signal is added or if noDMX is set to manual)
Manual level saving: The Area48 now autosaves the manually set value after 10 seconds.
Battery lockup circumvention