Tesla S transformed into mobile broadcast studio

Tesla with Pipeline mounting

With the general election coming up June 18 all the Danish TV channels offer a wide range of interviews and election programs. But why should television studios always be big rooms with giant cameras and a large editing room – when instead, all the equipment can be placed inside an exquisite Tesla Model S?

That’s what the Danish national news channel ‘TV 2 News’ did in the television program ‘The Challenge’ that is being broadcast every day throughout the Danish election campaign.
Brother, Brother and Sons delivered a solution with 12-channel operation for the mini Pipeline, (prepared for the occasion) offering both tungsten and daylight lighting and an IPbased remote over 4G network. This makes it possible to control the light setting with a Smart phone from hundreds of miles away from the car with minimum of latency.

The installation was made by BBS in cooperation with Kameraudlejningen and TV2 News.

Check out the rolling broadcast studio here.