The Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR equips Studio 14 with Area 48

In January DR replaced the tungsten fixtures in the News Studio’s Softbox with Area 48s.
The softbox used to have 8 fresnels and 16 softlights to light up the 8x4m softbox.
These were replaced by 18 Area 48’s built in to the construction.


What was the motivation to switch ?
Thomas Ditzel from DR says “We were changing bulps every two weeks and consuming 126 kWh a day. For a semi-permanent installation it was too much hassle and with the LED solution we are now saving around 40’000 kWh a year. Not to mention manhours and bulps”
“Besides that DR is dedicated towards a green profile and why waste energy if you can avoid it ? DR is always looking for ways to decrease the power consumption.”

Why the Area 48 ?
“Of all the fixtures we tested the Area 48 simply performed best and it had a competitive price” – “That said, I am very content that we ended up with a product from a local manufacturer, who we know to take our need for support seriously. For us using the equipment thats an important factor”

Have you encountered any drawbacks from switching to LED ?
“Not drawbacks, but we have encountered challenges. As we didn’t switch everything to LED at the same time, we have a mix of LEDs and tungsten. The LEDs area consistent in color temperature, but the tungsten color shifts when dimmed. So the LEDs expose the imperfections of the Tungsten Fixtures, but we always have to work with the differences in lightsources and multiple cameras.”
”It would have been easier to switch everything for LED at the same time. We knew this before hand and we have plans to change more fixtures to LED”. DR already have several studios with LED lighting solutions.

Uffe Hanghøj og Thomas Ditzel at Studio 14

The Future
“The Area 48 serves their purpose as they’re used now. The job they’re doing isn’t art, but more a solid job. When the studio design changes so can the function of the Area’s.” – Other possibilities opens up when switching to LED.
“The opportunity to set the lighting at 5600K. This has only been possible by either filtering a warm light source or by using discharge lamps. The filter option is extremely inefficient and the discarge lamps are heavy fixtures with a need for heavy ballasts and plenty of power and cooling.”
With the beneficiary effect 5600K has on skintones and the ability to be compatible with the LED screens, that increasingly get incoorperated in studiodesigns, it is definately an interesting option.

The 18 Area 48s are on for 7 hours and according to danish power prices DR would have ROI in a maximum of one year.