Three busy days in Copenhagen


Peter Plesner, CEO at BB&S, is demonstrating the Aledin 2 to  Dirk van Nieuwehuysen from ADB, the company for whom BB&S developed the award winning Warp in 2001.

With 51 Danish exhibitors Monitor Expo 2012 in Copenhagen is Denmarks biggest trade fair for professional lighting, sound and picture. Of course BB&S was present.

We had a lot of coffee with old colleagues from the Danish broadcast and lighting companies but most of all we experienced a lot of interest in our products. Among other things users are stunned by the fact that BB&S has succeeded in developing LED light engines that can really focus up like a conventional tungsten hardedge.

Peter Plesner, CEO, says:
“It is great to experience that also in ‘the old mother country’ there is a great interest in our products. The users were very impressed by the optical quality of our products.
Also it seems that a lot of people are still not aware of the fact that they can cut off 80 percent of the power consumption by replacing their tungsten units with LED. I am always glad to get the opportunity to talk about this as it is a key issue for Brother, Brother & Sons to be a significant contributor to environmental sustainability.”

Coming soon: Ledina and Area 48
At the trade we also noticed a great interest in the new Ledina LED light engine for Arri ST1 fresnels that starts shipping June 30.
On MonitorExpo 2012 we presented the prototype of the Area 48. A  new soft light with interchangeable “diffuser” that we expect a lot of (Area 48 is expected to launch early fall).